Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Round 3 - Thunder Valley - Track Map

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How can it be round three already... It's nuts how fast life passes me by these days, i guess i am just getting older or maybe I am too busy? hmmmm


Either way steemers it's round three if we like it or not so let't check out what the riders have to expect this coming weekend at the intimidatingly named Thunder Valley :)


Don't be fooled by the short start, this track is a complete beast and that short start means a tough first corner with tons of traffic. Lot's of fast windy sections are the name of the game here and it packs a ton of track into what 'seems' a small space, trust me it is not :)

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Round 3 - Thunder Valley - Track Map

If you wanna see how it's done properly, then check out this GoPro from Ken Roczen back in 2015! Man this guy was on point back then, pound for pound the best outdoor guy hands down. Thats Dungey he passed on lap one, yeah you know the multiple champ... just a master class of outdoor riding.

GoPro: Ken Roczen Moto 1 - Thunder Valley MX

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