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Morning Steemers,

So along with the late entry from Team Great Britan Steemit | Busy Italy have also been dragging their heels with submitting the finalized team for the upcoming Motocross of Nations at Redbud USA. There was however a very good reason for this and one that any team with a legendary rider in can understand. Antonio Cairoli picked up a knee injury during the FIM Motocross World Championship series and Michele Cervellin has withdrawn from the series completely for this season. That would've left a massive hole in the team that would be impossible to fix if they decided to leave Cairoli out.


Luckily the Italian Motocross federation (FMI) have announced that Cairoli is OK to ride and the team has been confirmed as the following riders, Antonio Cairoli (MXGP), Michele Cervellin (MX2) and Alessandro Lupino (Open). This is a very strong team from the Italians and arguably one of the strongest they have ever had. Both Cervellin and Lupino have found their groove this season, Cervellin with a season best of third at the MXGP of Russia and Lupino has picked up two eighth places in the 450 MXGP class in Asia.


So with Italy now confirmed there is only one major team left to submit their riders and that is Team Spain. There is no doubt Jorge Prado has booked his ticket but the other two are up for grabs with a large amount of contenders sidelined with injuries. I will update as always when i get the news.

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@b0y2k, No doubt that Motocross is one of the exciting sports and it gives the thrilling essence while watching and sometimes gives the feeling of risk too.

And yes, before start of any season, the integral part is the filling of riders and fans holds the excitement and also hold the tension if their favourite riders are in list or not.

And in my opinion Motocross is also famous through the games and there was time when we've played Motocross games and at that time it always gave an feeling to become an rider.

And yes, these kind of sports hold the **Injuries too because, no matter what it holds the Risk Factor and riders have to hold the caution so that they can avoid any Potential injury.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


The risk is always there @chireerocks but for some people it's just something that is part of what they need to do to enjoy life. Glad you enjoy the posts and the sport mate, have a great day.


Yes that's true. Thank you so much. 🙂