Appreciations For Favors Received

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Most times we take things for granted and move on with life without taking a pause to examine what we have passed through on our way up. So many things we know are there and must always be there for us to use or interact with on our journey through life. But have we taken a moment to wondered how some of these things or situations come about?

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Let us look at simple examples.
The air we breathe. It has always been there since like forever. Yet if it is absent for just one second, we will not be alive. For those who believe in a Supreme being creating the world, is that air we breathe not enough reason to be appreciative of God's grace and mercy? For those not so religiously inclined, do we remember that without the plants doing their photosynthesis magic, we cannot get oxygen and survive on earth? How many time have we, even if only in our minds say a little thank you to the plants. These are basic examples. There are more specific ones.

You are a graduate today having passed through College or University. Do you count how many people have helped you on your upward journey? The ones that paid your school fees, the classmate that explained to you that difficult concept making you pass your exams. The mother that showed so much love in bringing you up even though she never had money. The understanding father that tolerated all your childhood truancy and still funded your education. The lecturer in school that patiently tolerated your ignorance and gradually enlightened you. These are part of the people that made you what you are. Do you remember to say a "thank you" to them even if it is unspoken but expressed by the heart?

In business, at work, at play, anywhere and at all times, countless of faceless beings, animate or inanimate, contribute or interact to get us the experience we have today and make us what we are at this time.

Other examples abound to show the needs for us to have a grateful heart. To open our hearts and say "thank you". Thank you to nature, thank you to people, thank you to interplay of situations, thank you to mother earth, and thank you to God.

A Yoruba adage says: Ọmọ tí ó bá dúpẹ́ oore àná yio ri òmíràn gba. Meaning, a grateful child will always get further favors.

Let us take a little time off to appreciate those who have made us what we are today. Let us appreciate nature. Let us appreciate God.
And let us ever remember that "thank you" may be a two letter word, but it is very potent and magical in its operation.

We are happier, more radiant, and healthier when we give thanks.

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