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You could say something like, "It might be harder in practise than it looks in theory." That sentence is partly true. Most likely, this is because we didn't get the chance to learn it. As kids, our parents taught us how important it is to show how we feel, give our opinion, and give helpful comments.

We learned from them what their parents learned from their ancestors, who learned it from their ancestors, and so on. When our parents made choices, they used the facts they had at the time. What they had done was limited to what they had learned before.

Having said that, it would be good if someone with your unique point of view could help break this circle.


To really be accepted, you need to first love and accept yourself for who you are. Being aware that all living things are manifestations of a higher power is an important part of our role on earth. To fully embrace this idea, one useful method is to grow genuine love. It is possible to grow and progress because the universe puts us in different situations.

People often notice that the habits and attitudes they saw in their parents, who are very important to their own growth, show up in their own lives. There are always chances in the Universe to go above and beyond our own goals and do acts of love.

Think about someone who sometimes makes you feel bad and to whom you have a lot of different feelings. You should let yourself feel these feelings and learn more about them as they come up. Feeling bad about something? Instead of blaming others, see it as a chance to improve yourself and grow in love.

You shouldn't rate someone negatively; instead, you should think about how they are acting based on what they know and what they understand. It would be helpful to try to figure out what he's afraid of that is making him act this way.

Remind yourself, "Even though I may have a different view or not fully understand, I accept that this is how things stand right now." I know that things can change, and I'm sure that this experience will teach me something really useful.

It's important to remember that loving yourself is an important part of keeping relationships healthy. When you notice that you are judging or criticising yourself, please treat yourself with the same understanding and kindness.

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