Hard work paying off! It's just the start. I've lost nearly £3000 worth of silver.

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So yep, I managed to drop 1 stone (14lb/6.5kg)!! And I've enjoyed doing it too.....

I found my motivation hiding under a rock in the back garden and since then we've been close friends. I've tried to keep a weekly running blog going, but found that I usually do the job in my now daily #actifit posts.


Not a lot is the answer! I still eat far too much on a daily basis and my weekend eating habits are shocking, but I've become more committed to running/jogging.


I take 25 to 30mins out of my day and work my bloody socks off.

Its been just over a month since i weighed myself and I was a little shocked to see the scales finally dip below 17 1/2 stone (245lb). Although I don't 5hink I look like I've lost any weight, my running times have definitely been heading in the right direction and it's only when I look back to where i was do I notice how far I've come.


So by my reckoning, I've lost 224 oz (1 stone) of silver, which would work ou to £2,912...

Let's see if I can get to over £1000 worth of silver lost before the end of the year.


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