Life is Like a Tent - It's Often Brighter on the Outside

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@whatamidoing This one is for you buddy. I hope you feel better soon!

I am a numbers guy, even though I sucked at mathematics in the last three years of high school ( I can blame my teacher for this though ). This morning I woke up in a tent - again - and checked the thermometer/hygrometer next to my bed. I don't remember the exact temperature ( probably around 7 degrees Celsius /45 Fahrenheit ) but I remember the humidity to be very high: 91%

As it was a Saturday morning and I had no obligations, all was well. In fact, I have hardly any obligations on any day. Tomorrow is an exception. I will have to set an alarm, as I'm going on a group hike in Coimbra. Looking forward to that! :>)



After waking up, I realized there was nothing to complain about. It warm enough underneath my blankets, the mattress that I'm lying on is comfortable, I have time to wake up slowly. I checked the Internet, saw that my post on 'World Sleep Day' had done well on Steemit and that the cryptomarket is up again. I then listened to some nice music and worked myself up to a(n even better) feel good mood. That wasn't too hard this morning.

After 45 minutes or so, I got out of bed and put on some warm clothes. I planned to take a shower later and to change to Summer clothes ( T-Shirt and shorts ) as soon as the sun would start shining. I had checked my phone's weather app and it informed me that the morning was going to be cloudy and humid but the afternoon would be warm and sunny.

And then, when I opened the zipper of my tent and bent down to walk out, I saw that the sun was already shining bright, my weather app wasn't right. It was just the placement of my tent ( in the shadow ) that gave me the idea that it was still very humid and fresh.

It made me realize that life is often brighter than we make it seem. The darkness is only on the inside. The tent / or shadows could be a metaphor for how we feel. As soon as we step out of it, we enter the sunshine. Staying in the darkness is as much of a choice as entering the sunshine. It's all a matter of perspective.



P.S. It can also be brighter on the inside - at times - as shown on the two pictures above, that I took of my tent yesterday night ( with a light shining inside ). The first one shows a light of a car illuminating a tree and part of the road above my tent.

P.P.S. If you manage to make your inside shine even more than the outside world, you're doing great and probably don't need people like me to inspire you or lift you up ;>)

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