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In contrast to certain periods when you are really motivated, others when you are completely uninterested in anything Are there situations in which it is possible to stay motivated and make progress toward your goals? In other words, why aren't we always driven to accomplish something?

These are the kinds of questions I've been asking myself for a long time. When it comes down to it, there are several problems about which I am consistently excited and happy; “Yes,” I respond, “I'll get right to work on it.” The weekend has arrived, and for some reason, my soul is adamant about not getting to work. Some of us can become entrapped in a vicious cycle for a long period of time. Is this something you can relate to as well?


Let us begin by defining motivation as the inner strength that prepares an individual for a particular behaviour. The amount of inner power we possess becomes the raw material that determines whether or not we will be pushed. There are instances when our enthusiasm for something we want to undertake is tempered by the reality that other variables hinder us from doing so and so decrease our motivation. Many of us do what we need to do in order to stay motivated, but we fail to recognise that we also need to get rid of what we don't need to keep us motivated.

Our readiness to assist or our reactions to a given scenario are the two factors that matter most in this case. Regardless of which side is heavier, our actions are dictated by the side that is heavier. If the bothersome side outnumbers the willing side, you will be unable to take action. And unless you recognise this problem, you'll continue to wonder why you weren't able to complete your goal despite your best efforts...

Determine what is upsetting you and preventing you from taking action in order to get out of this situation and restore balance to the scales in your favour should be your first step toward resolving the situation. When looking for a cause, don't limit yourself to spending time in the immediate vicinity of the activity you intend to perform. It could be concealed at any point in your life.. You may rest assured that the time you spend seeking for it will be time well spent on your part.

Congratulations on recognising the root cause of your lack of motivation. You've done an excellent job. Now is the moment to consider how you can lessen its adverse effects in small steps over the course of time. This procedure consists of the following steps: if you have a disagreement with someone, take action to resolve the issue by resolving another malfunction or by transforming the issue if you are preoccupied with it. Whatever the issue is, you are well-versed in how to resolve it. Fill in the blanks with your responses and start practising one step at a time.

When you have completed these two steps, you will find that your lethargy has subsided and that you have begun to take action in order to attain your desired result simultaneously. If that's the case, don't forget to give yourself a reward.

It will be easier if you increase the positive side of your inner power, which will help you to tip the scales in your favour more easily. You can improve this aspect of your personality by participating in activities that get your blood flowing. (See my post for more information on the importance of being in flow for living a balanced existence.) Whatever it is that brings you happiness, pursue it. Walking, athletics, dance, and art are all good ways to spend your time if you want to be happy. However, there must be some "action" in it!


In some cases, attempting to nurture too many things at the same time can be a difficulty (trouble) that has a detrimental impact on your well-being. Taking a break would be a good idea if this is the situation. While it may be tempting to spend your time trying to find another core cause or being more motivated, sometimes simply doing nothing that day, taking a day off if you are healthy, and spending time for yourself can be the most beneficial practise for restoring your equilibrium.

It is not always sufficient to concentrate just on "what we want to do" in order to maintain motivation. It's possible that looking at the larger picture and recognising the side that is pulling you down in your balance and striving to improve it is the solution you've been looking for.


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