10 Twitter Quote Tweets for 12th September 2018

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1. I Am Willing to Change


I Am Willing to Change


Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039800819808444416


2. Maturity




Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039740503170920451


3. Met later in life


Met later in life


Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039619613305303040


4. Every year be committed to grow a little


Every year be committed to grow a little


Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039559339202301952


5. Moment of silence


Moment of silence


Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039438415077564417


6. Staying together for 65 years


Staying together for 65 years


Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039257339021406208


7. You are the books you read


You are the books you read


Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039196835494146048


8. Courage




Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039825304552972288


9. Dear Universe


Dear Universe


Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039825259367727109


10. Euripides




Tweet: https://twitter.com/SydesJokes/status/1039825234902360064


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GREAT quotes my Friend! #3 LOL! :) Talk about karma #2. Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Change id the only constant thing


#2 is so true to life.

#6 should be read by every millennial.

#5 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Enjoying your publication


beautiful motivations.

Sometimes the mere sight of the word "Loyalty" make me wanna question the attributes.

Good, need some after viewing at the price of crypto

i like #1

wow good for tweet work


#8 #10 my today's favorites

I like the phrases, especially number 05

I love these phrases, very beautiful.

I love number 3