What we do Today that makes, how we will be Tomorrow

in motivation •  9 months ago  (edited)

We always worried about what we have done on our past because we think that we don't do our best in the past to get success.

No, doubt if we work hard in the past, then our present will be beautiful and cheerful.

But we forget that taking the tress of unsuccessful life, we lose our valuable present time.

"We can not change our past but our future is in our hand"

Means what we have done that was not important, but what we are doing today that is most important. to get a happy life in future we have to work hard in present.
Take a bold decision today to make your tomorrow cheerful. Life is not ended in just some failed attempt, but each fails attempt makes you stronger mentally to make your next attempt more appropriately.

So Don't GIVE UP ever.



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