Is being rich a mindset or struggle?

in #motivation5 years ago

Being rich is a mindset and not a struggle.the mind is the most powerful tool we have, When I listen to interview about successful people, l hear things like "I saw a problem ", "l had to think " etc. I'm very sure if not similar, being rich is not a struggle and that why we Nigerians miss being rich all in the name of ignorance. image
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   The mindset  is a "thought  genarator" it's from  this mind we generate thoughts and if your  thought ain 't a solution  you should  be dead, a person  who want to be rich has a thought to be rich and the 

process in engaging in that thinking drives summons question like. How do I get rich?, what should I do to get rich?, etc.
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All this gives an individual a direction and with directions comes focus and with focus comes hard work plus God to being rich. Struggle doesn't come in because people who struggle don't have direction so they try to put everything in one basket thinking it won't break.This drive me to the conclusion that Being rich is a function of mindset and not of struggle.

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