The ways to motivate yourself to do hard work when not in the mood – 2

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Adopting the three ways that have been described before, the work is half done. Now its time to make it full. Now, I'm going to describe the last three techniques to motivate yourself to do hard work even if you are not in the mood.

Set an adequate timing:

Make a timing for yourself to work on. Suppose you may decide to work for 8 hours a day. Then stick to that. Try to work for 8 hours a day every week. Like, don't do any work after 5 PM. This will refresh you and allow you not to be bored. This way will also make you more productive as you get some free times as well to give your brain some rest.

Don't think a lot, go for it:

The most essential trick for me is to just go for it. When you know that you must do it, then don't wait, just jump on it. Make it happen. Once you start doing it, it'll not seem like as hard as before. You shouldn't debate on whether to do it or not or about how much hard the task is. This will only waste your time. So, don't waste time, start doing it as early as possible as you really need it to be done.

Count every single success:

You must acknowledge all of the good jobs done by you. Don't underestimate even the smallest one. The good tasks that are done should be regarded as wins. Wins motivate you to work. So, try to motivate yourself by making every wins count. This will make your work enjoyable. If you don't count the wins you got in your life, then you will find nothing that will encourage you to do works.

So, that's the end. The mentioned six techniques didn't work only in my life, it worked on great persons too. The persons who are followed by everyone in this world. They also put emphasis on following these techniques to get rid of the problem of losing interest to work.

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Most of us spend too much time thinking about what we want to do and forget to do the actual thing. Too much thinking about something, mostly a job to be do could lead to discouragement. Just do it. I'm very guilty of your second tip. Though I'm working on it. Great tips!

Living in your head only serves one purpose: To prevent you from living in the world. Take action.