Causes of Domestic Marriage Destruction

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Knowing the various reasons for the breaking up of household happiness in marriage is a necessary thing to do to keep the Family Harmony Happiness maintained.


Domestic violence may occur in forms of physical violence, psychological / emotional violence, sexual violence, economic violence, and spiritual violence. Usually domestic violence or commonly called Domestic Violence is the reason the originator of the cause of the rift of the destruction of a family.

Maintaining marriage is not an easy thing. Because we between couples is to unite two different ways of thinking and thinking. For that requires a tolerance, tolerance, patience and great mutual understanding between one couple and the other.

Domestic dishonesty if not immediately overcome and allowed to drag on then this could be one of the many factors causing divorce that often occurs in married life.

Households are a blend of various character colors. There are characters of men, women, children, even in-laws. And no human being in this world can guarantee that all the characters are perfect. There must be advantages and disadvantages.

Well, therein lies the harmony. There will be no beautiful rhythm without harmony between low and high tones. High-low tone was able to give birth to millions of beautiful songs.

In the household, all the flaws and advantages are combined. Sometimes the husband is low-pitched, sometimes high-pitched wife. This is where husbands and wives are required to create harmony by filling in the blanks that exist between them.

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Here are the things that can cause the rift of marital destruction:

No Good Communication Between Husbands Wife

Good communication between couples is one of the keys to achieving happiness in the home. With the existence of good communication braid among family members enable all problems that happened can be more easily overcome.

In a family like this, there will be mutual openness, loss of suspicion and cultivation of trust, so this will create a positive feeling among family members. If there is no communication then this will cause suspicion, jealousy from the problem of small problems in a family.

Communicating a good, polite and friendly will give the happiness of your partner. Lack of good communication will provide a bias that could be the cause of the domestic rift itself. Not a few households are destroyed simply because of lack of good communication.

Mutually Closed Between Couples

One important factor for maintaining domestic harmony is the openness between partners. With open attitude encourage us to always be honest and share with our partner.

Whatever problems we experience will be easy to discuss and solve together. The mutual reciprocity of each other will have an impact on the appearance of suspicion on our spouse, so this will trigger the emergence of quarrels in the household.

often breaking promises

Ketika pasangan seringkali membuat janji untuk menemani anda, menemani anak-anak atau mungkin berlibur bersama keluarga. Namun pada akhirnya janji tersebut tidak ditepati dan seringkali terulang-ulang hingga rasanya sulit sekali menghitung berapa janji yang sering diingkari tanpa alasan yang jelas.

Mungkin ini adalah tanda jika cinta telah hilang dalam berumah tangga. Hubungan yang sehat dengan dipenuhi banyak cinta, akan senantiasa meluangkan waktu dan berusaha untuk bisa mewujudkan janjinya meskipun sedikit telat. Selain itu, pasangan akan senantiasa memberikan alasan yang jelas saat mereka tak bisa menepati janjinya.

Jika anda mendapati kasus seperti ini, maka mungkin hal ini menandakan jika cinta dalam hubungan berumah tangga yang anda jalin bersama dengan pasangan telah sirna.

Simply Arising Prejudice On Couples

Jealousy is a part of love in married life. Not just housekeeping, in a relationship of romance anyway this will very likely be experienced as a form of a deep feeling of love that is afraid of losing her partner.

However, in a domestic relationship, the excessive jealousy that the couple shows to their partner, it is easy to put prejudice against their partner. In this case, the more advanced attitude is suspicious and unbelieving.

Everything her partner does is quick to cause excessive prejudice. If this happens, then the arguments and squabbles will also adorn. Which, it is part of the sign of loss of love in marriage. For that is the importance to always keep the trust to the couple so as not to arise things like this.

One of the foundations of a successful marriage is on the basis of trust. The trust between husband and wife will save the family from quarreling. Without trust, mutual suspicion between the two will give rise to an argument that can end with the breakup of a faster marriage ceremony.

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Just Seeing Couples Disadvantages

When going to the marriage stage then in general the excess pair or wife who always remembered. However, as time passes after the husband will see many shortcomings of the wife. Similarly, the wife will see many shortages of her husband.

Never force a partner to make changes that a couple can not make in just a short time. Learn to accept each other's flaws and better complement each other's shortcomings with your strengths as this will strengthen your family's integrity.

Do not ever bring up the reason for the beginning of marriage. "Why me when I want to receive aja, yes? Why do not I reject? "Throw away the trajectory of this mind.

The move will not result in any change at all. Instead, it will drag the disharmony that begins from trivial matters to be complicated and tangled. If the sense of regret goes away, it is possible that disharmony leads to divorce.

Therefore, let's face the fact that we are currently facing. This is our problem. Do not run away from problems by hunching backwards. Or, na'udzubillah, imagine another figure outside our spouse. This will open the door of the devil to increasingly poison our minds.

Precisely the marriage is to cover each other's deficiencies rather than vice versa.

Losing Desires On Couples

If the feelings of couples look flat and the same when seeing the appearance of their partner, although they have been trying hard to look attractive to her partner. Then this is the sign of the death of love in a very real form. In these conditions you will be so difficult to define the meaning of love in married life.

It seems, there is nothing more to do, if the desire of the couple alone is gone and is gone. Under these circumstances the settlement may be hard to find, if we can not re-open ourselves to the couple and can re-emerge love for him.

Bored On Couples

Boredom is one of the most complaining issues in marriage. Establish a marriage relationship with the same people and commit to live forever until death picks up, apparently not a few make some people feel saturation in marriage.

There are some who can get through and overcome this boredom well so get through it. Only, there are those who can not cope with boredom in the right way that ultimately makes them make a big mistake by betraying their partner.

So the feelings of love and mutual love in a marriage fabric become disappear and disappear.

Financial Problem

Tightened finances, unclear spending, different perspectives on money, and power, can lead to feelings of hurt and insecurity. It takes a responsible and fair attitude. If necessary, involve a third person to help strengthen and monitor the mutual funds.

Not respect

A faltering self-confidence, never exercising, depression, untreatable, and incapable of creating anything, or committing adultery. We have the right and responsibility to keep ourselves, our spouse, and our relationship with our spouse.

Happy couples are those who constantly make love as an excuse to get priority and regard it as the most important person in their life.

If love in the household has been lost, then everything you will do together will feel bland. For that, if you want to be able to help in the household, then various efforts and efforts need to be done.