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one of the saddest things I’ve seen in my world, is a satisfaction for mediocrity.

You find it in every field of endeavour.A whole lot who don’t care about excellence, people with no passion to stand out and make a difference;they are too comfortable. This is a major reason for backwardness in many field and in our nation at large!
You must stand out,you must develop a discontent for mediocrity.


I’m saying, whatever it is you do, and whatever the results you are having now, it could be more! so Go for more!

About everyone of us has a role to play in Nation building!

We cannot just sit and complain, and expect things to change. if you can change you, and I can change me, then together we can change the World
Dare for more, believe for more! because it could be more!

Begin today to take steps in the direction of Excellence.Both in your job, in given assignments, whatever it is, Just stand out, because the World needs the Excellent you!


Very true,Sir. Mediocrity has become the order of the day in all levels of society. I stand for excellence!

That's the Spirit brother!

The right type of practice-Improvement-The right type of results i.e. in performance.

Exactly. We celebrate mediocrity in Nigeria which ought not to be so. The exchange rate and power supply☹️

I believe we can all do something about this! It begins from one person