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Talking or listening is the first stage in developing culture and maintaining the harmony of social relationships. The one that is best suited for the current social climate and surroundings must be chosen. In a way, this is a discussion. In order to understand one another, to support one another, and to achieve results in unity in physical and intellectual activity, it is vital to emphasise the significance of speaking and listening.

The one with the mouth speaks, as we frequently hear. But very little is said about listening. I frequently keep an eye on the people around me. Whenever three or five individuals congregate in a social setting, one of them always speaks up and keeps going.


Such conduct is, first and foremost, disrespectful. I believe I may cite Dale Carnegie, a renowned American communication and human relations specialist, as my most significant testimony in this regard. Carnegie said, "Listening is the greatest kindness you can provide."

On the other side, individuals who constantly talk miss out on thinking. They don't have time to reflect or communicate. Those who listen and those who speak are fortunate to think. People want to spread the knowledge they acquire as they discover new things. He also speaks as a logical byproduct of knowledge. Remember that when providing information, listening is just as important as speaking.

It is expected of us as human beings to consider the good and the truth for the good of humanity and to communicate them to others using reason. If their viewpoints are in agreement or disagreement, it is important to listen, comprehend, and come up with smarter, more practical ideas and solutions as a group.

People communicating with one another, learning from one another's experiences, using logic, and exchanging ideas allowed civilization to advance to a certain level. Speaking is defined as the words that emerge from our mouths after being discovered by the mind, accepted by the mind, and filtered through the heart to ensure that they do not conflict with kindness, love, or science.

By carefully selecting the good words that advance the listener's knowledge, listening, on the other hand, helps to enrich society's culture and knowledge.

I just discussed some human facts, and I can declare with confidence that speaking and listening skills are a sign of wisdom.

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