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I have always had this amazing song in my heart.
I have always wanted to go to a place as quiet as a grave yard.
I have always wanted to let you know that it is going to be you and I but let me not tell the story for today.
Today is Sunday and I want you to take charge,be positive, Show kindness to those who need it, keep your head up and conquer In every positive task you embark on.
when God wants to bless you, he takes no excuse from anyone.
Now let me quickly tell you this, do not rush God to bless you.
God will never come too late, he will never come too early but I want to tell you, God will come at the right time.
Do not give up on yourself.
I know how hard it is with most of you but I just want to tell you, never give up on yourself.
Wait on God, he will visit you at the right time.

We prayed for better days and better days we shall continue to reap.
Happy positive Sunday to y'all.
It can only get better I assure you.
My name is John.
I am a twin.
Founder of @twinmagic

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