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How long have you wanted to invent something or come up with a fundamentally new way that will help solve a lot of technological problems? Even to ask an interesting question is sometimes not so simple, and what to say about innovations. You face this problem not only you, but a lot of people, because the problem often lies in thinking. How long have you been thinking about how you think? No, this is not a tautology, but a question that should make you remember this.

When did you try to create something new in your head, give birth to a worthy idea without reliance on templates, personal experience or someone else's opinion? This is a rather difficult skill that requires practice and flexibility of mind, so remember: good ideas are like the birth of the universe - this is a difficult process, bright, requiring strength and energy.

But how is it possible to create something unique and innovative geniuses, the results of intellectual work which excite our consciousness and delight? Even these people practice ways of thinking that help to set up the brain for specific purposes.

Deep Understanding

It is not necessary to face the grandiose tasks of forehead in the forehead - act methodically, without hurling. To begin with, you must realize the small but fundamental ideas that underlie the thought. Put order in your head and pacify chaotic thoughts, they will not do you any good. Be honest with yourself about what you know and what you do not know. Think about what is not enough for a thought or idea to be complete, then fill these gaps. Remember that understanding what you are doing is the basis of success. Without this, you can not develop a thought and ask it the right direction.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes

Even if you know that you will be criticized in case of failure, you must try. Mistakes are our greatest teachers, whose lessons we will remember for the rest of our lives. They reveal your weaknesses, at the same time pointing to the strong. With their help, you can find the right path that will spur your imagination to create new ideas and concepts.

Ask right questions

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Don't think that if you ask something, you will become a fool. Everyone has knowledge in the measure of life experience, and there is nothing to ask a knowledgeable person about something you do not understand. Asking the right questions, you will get answers that will broaden your horizons and create links between previously disparate facts. Another way is to ask questions to yourself. In the course of an internal dialogue, you will come to the truth, which will become a new idea and will amaze the minds of many people.

Follow the flow of ideas

If you have any idea, then think about where it came from, what became its source and from what depths of consciousness your brain was able to extract it. A new idea is just an initial idea that needs to be developed, so give this process a lot of time so that in the future thinking becomes more and more productive. Small ideas can lead to one great, which will eventually become the product of intellectual activity that you are trying to create.

Don't be afraid of making changes

Now you have read four blocks that will help change your thinking. The fifth is no less important. It's the ability to change. Changes, like adaptation, are the necessary qualities, without which you will harden, moss and cease to develop, and you can not even think about the flight of thought. By accepting what you can and should change, you will be able to integrate this skill into the previous 4 elements, which will bring the thinking to a new level. Henceforth, your mind does not depend on the patterns and standards that you used to think for years. But everything requires practice, and in time you will understand how the new way of thinking radically changed your life. Even if it happens that your current ideas and developments cease to be relevant, the ability to change and the flexible mind will allow you to follow the trends and keep up with progress, and as you know, it does not stand still for a single second.

To be honest i was ran out of ideas what to right about and i decided just to write some little concepts which changed my life the most , hopefully u enjoyed this little tips <3



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