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People often want to shine like a diamond but are too scared to get cut like one. The version you are today is good but it's not great. I don't care who you are, theres room for improvement.


If you think the version you are today will get you to achieve your goal, your goals aren't big enough. If your willing to go through professional development, grow and learn more than you knew today. Then only can you get to the next level, this version of yourself is not going to get you there.

Take your role model into consideration, if you think your going to get there by waking up at 6 or 7am your going to have to wake up a little earlier.

What I want to invite you to do, what I want you to consider is that every single time you go and do something hard, because a lot of people excuses are, "it's easier said than done". It supposed to be hard, if it wasn't difficult there would be no growth. That is why I say the most important gift you receive by taking action in the direction of attaining your dream is not reaching your dreams but the growth you experience along the way. You will become so much stronger by experiencing the challenges and resistance than attaining your dreams provided along the journey.

The truth that will set you free is the truth that no one wants to hear, you need to change. You need to take responsibility! You need to get your life together you all have genius inside of you, challenge yourself make yourself come up with a solution. There is one there. Nothing is impossible its just a challenge.


Failed before? So what, we all fall flat on our face. Learn from the experience don't count yourself out! Don't give up! Forget about your failures yesterday, thats not important. The universe will respond to the man or women who refuses to be denied, that business that you want, that dream you have of controlling your destiny. That power to control your destiny is yours! Only you can determine what your life will be!

You just have to be willing to stand there, face disappointment, feel lonely, doubt yourself, be rejected again and again, even go bankrupt if necessary. So what if its difficult. So what if it's inconvenient.

Don't sentence yourself to a lifetime of being unhappy. You are a human begging don't volunteer your life that way. Your life has too much value to the universe, you have too much to contribute. The only challenge is to hold on! If you hold on the universe will be on your side.

Follow me and join my team of minnows who are soon to become dolphins! Together we can make it happen!

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'The truth that will set you free is the truth that no one wants to hear', love this one bro!

So much truth in this very post! Greatly said :)

It's true, no one person is perfect. We all have constant room for improvement. Not to think so is just naive! Great message brother.

Talk again soon.

Thanks brother!

I appreciate you stopping by!

Chat soon!

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Hello @longfield98

What a inspiring and motivating post, i agree with you on everything you just said. The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.

The only place we are limited is in our mind, because whatever our mind can conceive, we can achieve.

Hi @bania! Thanks a bunch for your support! Im glad you enjoyed the post. The lovely thing about mental limitation is that it can be removed by ourselves as it is only created by us!

Hope to talk soon!

I upvoted for your post and follow up you @sharoon you are doing great job please carry on .@sharoon

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post, hopefully you left a little motivated!

Hope to chat soon!


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Truly, this is the motivation every minnows to posses. In fact minnows turning whales looks impossible to atain. But many have made it!

Well to be fair every whale was a minnow at some point. Most millionaires weren't millionaires when they began! Everything in life it about how determined you as a person are to grow and develop! I have no doubt, I will soon be a dolphin here on steemit (Maybe a year or two of hard work but it will happen!)

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Good Luck!

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jooh, balling in the steemit upvote dollars I see.

Seen some of your post doing pretty good as well!

Followed! Resteemed :) This is not just an excellent post that made me feel better: one of my neighbours said something this morning and I was trying not to feel that they did not like me. Now I've read this post, I can get things into perspective, realise that they have better things to do than not like me all day and feel grateful for the feedback - I have something to work on. Bigtime. So thank you @longfield98 - and I see you are a vaper so I invite you to follow me back :-)

Thats so kind of you to resteem thank you very much!

I believe someone will always have something to work on as personal development is never ending.

Thanks for the follow, will definitely follow you back!

Really great and inspiring post. So true what you say about no matter what we do and were we are in life there are always room for improvement.
To reach to our own personal top, we need to work hard and be determined. Be humble and engage.
We all have fallen on our butts a few times, made mistakes and been ready to give up.
But it's how you handle your defeat and how you raise your self to move on that definds you
To learn from mistakes and improve your journey.
We all have a purpose and matters, we just have to believe in our selfs.
Thank you for sharing this. Upvoted and Resteemed

Once again your engagement is over the top! Most likely the most engaging user here on steemit! Its truly an inspiration!

Again thanks so much for the resteem!

Hope to chat soon!

Aww Thank you so much my friend that means the world to me 😊
This was a really great post and so inspiring and many life tools to use in our life journey.
Have a great day and talk soon

Great post, problems are just opportunities for growth so true, thank you

Thanks for stopping by, I definitely agree!

Hope to chat soon!