Everything you can imagine is real.

in motivation •  5 months ago


“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso. What do you think of this quote? Comment below.

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It is true and I am living proof. Though sometimes I seem to forget that. The challenge is keeping a clear vision, being consistent and not doubting what you imagine.
My 2 cents
Thank you for this I was going through a phase of forgetfulness again this post was meant for me.


Thank you very much @cheft for your comment and I am glad the quote was useful.

Everything depends on how you define real. Real has many levels and at the human level we may want to consider what is worthwhile to make "real". Using the imagination wisely is a discipline.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us @danielhime.

@joeparys - The answer is YES (magnificent blog... keep it up..!!!)


Thanks a lot for your comment @scoetzee.

Perfect quote and picture..Yes this is true.. What a person imagines today that is the innovation tomorrow.. Innovation is the result of immagination and endeavour..

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I am glad you like it @avirush2018.

Agreed Joe. All that we become is a function of what we can dream.


Agreed Joe. All that
We become is a function
Of what we can dream.

                 - empress-eremmy

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I always say we now, our reality at this moment, are the results of our thoughts in the past. reality at this particular point in time is fleeting, its dissolving. the only thing real is our thoughts, because thats whats going to be reality in the nearest future.

If that is so, then it is a very good thing.
Someone or any other dream keeps running in everybody's mind. If only after thinking comes true, then soon it will become a steemit king.

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I think there is some Truth to it. You have to Visualize and Imagine something before you actually go out and DO it !!

they say that everything created was previously thought or imagined. We can realize anything that our mind conceives; they can be, situations that we live, a work of art, build a skyscraper, make a garment or accessory, the reality that surrounds us. Our mind has great power and what we do or do not, depends on our willingness to believe in it and materialize our ideas.

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