Today's Motivational - "You're Entirely Bonkers"

in motivation •  6 months ago

I wanted to do something whimsical today as I am still not feeling well and cannot talk. So, I made a design from a book/movie that I enjoy and used a quote from it. I hope you like it!

bonkers copy.jpg

Much love,

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freedom comes from how much we deal with our fears as if they were pleasures... just tiny lttle stuff flying above of our cloudy minds, whe we watch them up there, all we need is a rock... and good eyes :)

We are real bonkers! Cool design @jennifer78


Thank you @lizbetcontreras! Yes, we're all bonkers! haha

There are two types of madness, the one that frees you and the one that slaves you.


@mastermagician I couldn't have said it better myself! :)