Take it with a grain of salt - Food for thoughts

in motivation •  5 months ago

We all have cross to carry, for some heavier than they thought. There are other forces in the universe, I believe most are good, but maybe some aren't. We are arrogant if we think we are the only creatures with super power in the universe.

Today, I want to encourage you to never give up, if you find negative energy, then find a way to prevail the positive energy within yours. We don't give up on our friends and family. Whatever your going through or challenges in life, that is just part of bringing the beautiful life in you and others. So, I would say, forgive and forget. Keep going, be at the peak of you intelligence awareness.

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What an inspiring post!

Whatever pain and emotions you feel, use it as a stepping block to move on and move forward.

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Hello @leeart. Thank you for your inspiring and kind words too. Also, thank you for supporting my blog.

I wish you a happy Monday! Bless you my friend. :)