This is for those who think they can't.

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The great I can.



To my mind, is a disease.

Don’t get me wrong,

I’m incredibly disciplined at being consistent in the application of processes to achieve outcomes,


There are many different kinds of disciplines that can contribute to achieve the same thing.

More generally,

Conformity is a form of enslavement.

A person who serves only a process,
Becomes enslaved to the process.

A person who serves TRANSFORMATION,
ADAPTS themselves and their process.

Which is why Einstein said,
(I’ve made this gender neutral)
“Try not to become a person of success, try to become a person of value.”

What is value?

Other than the activity or thought process which becomes the key driver to any transformation.

Do the right thing,
According to transformation,
And the process aligns correctly.

Which is why Jesus said,
That the law would become written on our hearts.

Within the DNA of every human being,
Is a set of instructions.

We do not learn adequately how to moderate or guide our humanity through traditional education. Missing many important instructions.

Many of us are awakening.

Coming into a cognitive, conscious awareness that some of the teaching we have received, hurts us.

This is because,

The education system was created by a set of governing principles,
That a citizen would become subservient.

And this is how we are taught.
To become servants.

What’s interesting about our genuine humanity, is that we are all of us, creative during childhood.

All of us.

But some of us lose this ability,
Because it is programmed out of us.

We are taught a lie.

That you are this personality or that.

Yet over the course of a lifetime,

Successive psychometric examinations have recorded substantive shifts in my own personality and in my behavioral traits.

I learned that the human mind has amazing plasticity.
That like any muscle, the brain can be developed.

If you have ever seen THE MATRIX or LIMITLESS or the TV series THE PRETENDER, you would see that once a subconscious mind is able to be integrated with consciousness,

A human being can learn anything.

For a decade I was told that I was bad at piano.
Not gifted. Should give up. (I was genuinely bad.)

I gave myself permission to become great.

I did the work.
I taught myself.

Eventually, Dr Thomas Hecht, professor of piano studies at NZ School of Music became a friend.

Upon examining my piano skills, he told me that, although self taught, I had the skills of many of his students and wrote a letter citing that I was the leading piano expert in New Zealand.

As a self taught person who had been told to give up, I also experienced people telling me that I was gifted. And offered to be signed to record deals with Naxos classical.

I performed professionally, accompanying hit selling artists and producing music and songs that I sold commercially. Including licensing my songs to other artists.

When they told me I was gifted and that people have the gift of music or they don’t, I internalised my loud response;

That’s a lie!

Because we can achieve anything that we set our minds to.

We must first become UNBELIEVERS in the lies that have been taught to us, entering into rebellion against conforming to limitations.

Then we must choose to become limitless in our potential, faithfully doing the incremental, mundane work that delivers the kind of skill one might call gifted.


Ten thousand hours (three to four years) is all it takes to achieve mastery.

It is because I have put in four years per subject, that I have mastery of multiple disciplines.

Once you can exercise the patience to improve yourself, you will completely transform yourself within four years.

On a cellular level,

The human body also works this way.

Within seven years, every single cell within your physical body will have been replaced by a new cell.

You will literally be a new person in seven years.

And since your mind is so powerful,

You can also reprogram your DNA through your lifestyle choices, becoming an entirely new person, within a decade.

By the sheer will of your intention.

You are therefore not stuck.

Just as the bible states,

God is the potter,
I am the clay.

This wisdom has been known for tens of thousands of years, but the lies about your humanity are a resounding gong inside your head, that obstructs you from the clarity of your purposeful humanity.


You will give yourself permission.
You will begin your transformation.
By simply admitting to yourself,



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