Life's Mystery.

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Sometimes life can be confusing and we just keep looking
The more we look the less we see and the more confused we are
There are so many things that don't make much sense
They just leave you in a perpetual state where you get tensed

The more you know the more confusing life leaves you
I've stopped trying to wrap my head around everything
I've been taught to focus on the things that are important
Because change is the only thing in this life that is constant
The mystery about life I try to unravel but not at the cost of my sanity

There are so many mysteries under the heaven
To some it's strange and to others, it's their haven
Like 6 and 9 which are shaped as a result of our view and position
What's normal to the spider is chaos to the fly
Save your strength for the things you have the capacity to do and try

We can't sometimes understand why things are the way they are
Sometimes it's not about solving everything but living
Often, is not about understanding everything but going with the flow
Learn to do away with things that keep you rooted and slow
Life is meant to be lived and a basic understanding of this is fine


Gingered Up! ❣️

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