Be You!

in #motivation2 years ago


In a world where everyone wants to be another person. In a world where they tell you to be another person in other to fit in. In a world where pretence is on the high side and everyone just wants to blend in.

It's okay to be different. It is okay not to be like everyone else. It's perfectly okay to just be you. Why would you try to become another person that God doesn't need one more of?

A lot of people try to blend in while robbing themselves of who they are and their specialties. Don't round all your edges because you might not fit into your own squares anymore. If you try to be like others, they will still be the one to tell you that you are fake and then inadequate. Why would you be another person? You shouldn't wake up every morning trying to impress others. You were not made for that.

When people ask you why you are different, ask them why they are the same. It is all about perspective. If they see that you are different, that is where your uniqueness is. You can leverage on it.

Don't be like everyone else, just be you.

Have a lovely night rest.