Causes of focus failure - Some things make you fail to focus in every job you do

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Have you ever experienced something that makes you fail to focus? This is an incident that I just experienced, it sounds very strange, but that's what happened, something I never expected, focus fails often when we have a lot of thoughts we're thinking about, I'll explain a bit about how can we have failed focus
Pernahkah anda mengalami sesuatu hal yang membuat anda gagal fokus? Ini merupakan kejadian yang baru saja saya alami, memang terdengar sangat aneh, tapi itulah yang baru terjadi, sesuatu hal yang tidak pernah saya duga, gagal fokus sering terjadi ketika kita memiliki banyak pikiran yang sedang kita fikirkan, saya akan menjelaskan sedikit tentang bagaimana bisa kita mengalami gagal fokus

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Often times we fail to focus when the very solid worker we do, when we will busy preparing everything, most of us who experience failure to focus, because it is too focused on our work, sometimes we experience many failures, because less thorough and also too rushed
Sering kali kita mengalami gagal fokus ketika pekerja yang sangat padat yang kita lakukan, ketika itu kita akan sibuk mempersiapkan segala sesuatu, kebanyakan dari kita yang mengalami gagal fokus, karena terlalu fokus pada pekerjaan kita, terkadang disitu kita mengalami banyak kegagalan, karena kurang teliti dan juga terlalu terburu-buru

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Often the sudden sleepiness comes when we are working, due to lack of rest, it is also very influential to the focus of the work we do, while you are working, but you lack the rest at night, start work with less istrhat will make you fail to focus while you are working, start a healthy life from now, so you stay focused on every job you do
Sering kali rasa ngantuk tiba-tiba datang disaat kita bekerja, akibat kurang nya istirahat, ini juga sangat berpengaruh terhadap fokus pekerjaan yang kita lakukan, ketika anda sedang bekerja, namun anda kurang istirahat disaat malam hari, mulai pekerjaan dengan istrhat yang kurang akan membuat anda gagal fokus disaat anda bekerja, mulailah hidup sehat dari sekarang, agar anda tetap fokus pada setiap pekerjaan yang anda lakukan

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Enough rest, will make you excited in doing every activity that you do, healthy life from now on, always keep the pattern of food that you eat, hopefully a little explanation I can be useful

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Hopefully the match in today goes smoothly, Before I close my discussion, I thank @bobbylee for your support so far, thanks to all my friends who have been willing to read my post, hopefully in the future I can continue to provide a more interesting discussion, regards from Indonesia

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