Bravery Is An Essential Ingredient For The Achievement Of Greatness.

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I welcome you once again to my blog and I must say I am very happy to have you around.

I have been talking about what you need to achieve success for some time now, and today I want to talk to you about adding bravery to your lifestyle.

Someone might be saying, that bravery belongs to those who fight the war or who are in the military, some might even think it belongs to the men alone and not the opposite sex.

But I want to change your mentality on this topic today, to be brave means that you are putting all your fears away and you are ready to face what lies ahead of you.

Speaking of fears, everyone has their own fear and it might vary, but no matter how strong you are, there is something that gets you weak whenever you remember it.

To accomplish your dream, you have to learn to put behind those things that are your source of fear which means you have to conquer your fear(that is a topic for another day).

I must say that bravery is an attitude of winners, yes my friend, you have to be brave to conquer your fears and achieve your dreams.
Bravery is not an attitude of losers, do the impossible and bring out the giant in you and become a winner.

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A lot of times, bravery has put me in positions that ild never expect myself to be, positively.
Sometimes its just a little hard to summon it, any advise there? Nice post, resteemed, please follow back and visit my blog. Thanks in advance

This wow, thanks@gbenga for this inspiring facts i love it keep on the great work

Thanks sir,I am a winner!

Hello @gbenga

I really enjoy reading your motivational posts.
One thing is to be powerful and another thing is to be brave. To win,one needs to be brave in order not to lost in the battle of destiny.

I love this.

bravery is an attitude of winners

Thanks for sharing this.

Regards @funkylove

A lack of bravery is a sign of nothingness. Everything we enjoy today came as a result of the bravery of others.

It's more like succession, survival of the fittest. A weak mind cannot reach greater heights.

This is indeed true. The world has changed to times when brains make decisions than brawn.

And these decisions are tough choices which need bravery to accomplish. You have indeed said it all.

Thanks for the share.

I will let go of all my fears. I have a lot to accomplish this year

Well said.
What you wrote is the complete truth. A friend of mine once told me to stand firm and fight my fears. And I believe that we must have bravity in other to face our fears.

Thanks for sharing @gbenga

Looks amazing man your post very nice
I like it 👍

Exactly....this is very important in the crypto currency world,fear is equal to loss on investment based on my own perspective...thanks a lot for would probably help a lot of people

great post my friend
I like this post thanks

This is a true word, my brother your knowledge would not run dawn.. A wise son heareth his father's instruction. But a scorner heareth not rebuke...... Always remember your bro.

nice post on bravery and i see bravery as taking risk especially in the crypto world where you invest most of your income and if you loose all you try again until you succeed. that is bravery and powering up all you have in steemit is also bravery ! thanks for sharing my buddy @gbenga

It only takes a brave mind to rise up from his defeat, only a brave mind can see opportunities in every adversities. Impossiblity is never a language of a brave man rather he likes during dt everyone couldnt do, cos braveness makes one create something out of nothing. Bravery is a spice to success.

Bravery is having the courage to quit when you know you're on the wrong track, even if hundreds of thousands of people are headed in one direction. It's knowing when the path you are on isn't the one for you.

Success they say lies on the other side of fear.. Which means we need to face it, overcome it before we can achieve success and of course it takes bravery to do all that.

Bravery indeed is necessary in order to achieve the unachieveable. Our fears are like chains stopping us from our goals. It even hides our capabilities and until we face these fears we can never know how far we can go and how much we can achieve. This was truely inspiring. Thank you

Nice post gee.. bravery is really essential. A lot of people conclude they cabt even before trying.

Sometimes i ask myself, I'm i brave. My answer is always scary. i always answer myself. "You are not brave untill you achieve that goal" this is really keeping me on the line. And with Steemit, i'm about to achieve my fantasy. Keep on updating us Sir, we are really learning.....Hopefully, you spare a mkinute to visit my blog, and if there is anything you wanna correct, your boy is ready to recieve the beating. You are really a Gem to Steemians. Cheers!

There are the so-called paralyzing fears that are the cause of our lack or lack of courage, however we must dare to leave our comfort zone. You could support me in your vote in my presentation post

Success in life pursuit is not for the mere but for the bravely. Fear is the root of all failures. Thanks for the awesome piece of motivation.