Book of success #22: Forgiveness...

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True forgiveness is when you can truly say, thank you for the experience
Oprah Winfrey

Most time when success is being spoken off our minds easily go to the financial aspect of it. We all easily think success has to nothing else to with anything else but money. Keep it down *i'm guilty too*

But truly truly, success has to with so many other things, in different areas of our day to day lives.
Imagine having all the money in the world and you have no one to share it with... having all the money in the world and not having good health to be able to spend that money on the good things of life... Having all the money in the world and you keep fighting people off, grudges and more... It goes on

I pray that while we are all chasing the paper we also remember to keep the peace withing ourselves and with those around us, I pray we remember that a lot of things matter as well, forgive easily and move on...

And all that goes without saying, Make That Money! Lol

Thank you for reading to the end

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