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Hello steemian. After a stressful weekend for me, I had some experience on my way; making life more meaning and the reasons to love those i found around me: In the office or on the street (beggars and the less privilege), became vivid to me. I realized that we actually need each other no matter the class that we thought we belong - whether white or black, Asian or African, Blind or whole. Life is about how we change people's life around us. We have to learn to appreciate life more often. I want to change your thinking about life with this little story I heard form a Local Radio station over the weekend.

Help others just as you would love others to do you

The essence of living

Once upon a time there were these two men who fell sick - very serious sicknesses struck these two men. They were both in a one room in the hospital (Just the two of them share the room). In the room, there are just two beds of which they both are laid. Unfortunately, there is only one window that brings illumination into the room.
In the room, one of the men sat just beside the window, close enough to see what was happening in the outside world while the other sick man is far from the window and due to his nature of sickness, he always lay on his bed facing the ceiling of the room. He cannot turn his body; he has to remain so for his own comfort (in one position). These two men always talk to each other. They talk about their jobs, houses, cars, children, wives and all they can think of. They became brothers in the room that they were both lock in by their sicknesses.


Every afternoon, the sick man sitting close to the window always tell the other man farther from the window, who cannot even stand to sit upright on his sick bed, what is happening outside the window – the outside world. He told him that the outside the window was very beautiful. How people go about their daily works. He even told the other man that there is a beautiful garden just outside the window where all people come to have some fun. Children and parents, Lovely husbands and wives and how the cruelest military men even came to that same garden to have a lovely gathering with their families. This Man who sits closer to the window told all the beautiful things he can possibly tell his roommate making the other man wished he can even have a chance to look out the window for just a minute.
Weeks past and months gone, the two men always have something to talk about. One day, the man who sits close to the window dies without no just cause. The next morning, the nurse came in and confirms that he was dead and calls the mortuary attendants to take this dead man to the mortuary. The other man made a request to the nurse that his bed should be changed to the former dead man’s own since he will now be alone in the room so that he can for a while look outside the window on his sick bed. The nurse granted this sick man’s wish and she took the sick man to the bed closer to the window. To the sick man greatest surprise, there was no garden outside the window. It was a dark wall that was just right outside the window. There were no people passing by neither cars nor any form of human activities. Then, the sick man asked the nurse, “Where is the beautiful garden outside this window?” and the nurse replied that there has never been a garden outside the window except the dark high wall. “But the dead man you just took out told me that there is a garden outside this window!” Surprisingly the sickbed man asked and the nurse replied, “Your room mate was totally blind since the day he is brought to this room with you. He has not seen a thing.” It was then this man realized that despite the condition of the blind dead man, he still finds it a pleasure to make him happy. Then tears rolled down his eyes and thought of his friends beautiful things he always told him. He wonders how the blind can see so much beauty.

Moral lesson


From the story I just told, I learnt that to be selfless is beyond who we are. Despite the blind roommate has no sight, he was able to help his friend by making him happy. If the sick can be this selfless, then we can be more. Shalom!

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