You are a motivator for yourself

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Hello Steemians! I hope you are all in good health, and the spirit of sharing never fades

In this life we ​​will always need motivation to do various things in achieving our goals. Usually, people who are always motivated will continue to strive even to run after their goals. However, sometimes motivation is not in us. Finally, negative things arise in everyday life, such as feeling lazy, sad, afraid, feeling unable and various other negative things. So we need motivators in our lives.

Who is your motivator?

Maybe all this time we already know various motivators that can inspire motivation within us with various seminars and training. The question is how long does his motivation appear in us? Is that forever? I don't think so! Then now, who is the best motivator who will always be able to motivate us all the time?

If you are sad, for example because of love, what is usually done? Without realizing it, we will usually seek motivation from various motivators around us. There are people who confide with friends and hope to get a solution, there are also people who confide on Facebook hoping someone will pay attention.

When we meet with our friends, then confide in telling feelings of confusion and discomfort. So our friend will usually suddenly be wise and say, "It's okay, I'm sure you can get better". Then suddenly motivation and enthusiasm appear to continue.

Our friends cannot be forever present beside us.

When finished venturing, there is usually a feeling of relief. But of course, our friends cannot be forever present beside us. When he comes home or separates from us. Does that motivation stay alive? Apparently it began to fade and disappear, finally confused again. Because you want to get a feeling of relief again, usually vent on the phone. After calling, feel relieved. One minute and two minutes, ten minutes, feeling confused again appeared. Finally, the various ways that we do to get motivation from our friends and still not make our hearts really calm. In fact, it makes us addicted to continue to vent everywhere, but does not really provide a solution.

So, if we only rely on outside motivation, while we are still confused it will only be able to motivate us for a while. But if motivation is really we emerge from within ourselves. So, every time we are sad, upset, upset, we can motivate ourselves whenever we want. Because the Best Motivator Is Yourself.


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