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It really is a privilege to able to wake up early and hustle for what you do trust and believe in. Some do think it's like an obligation to wake up to achieve their dreams, no it's not, I'm sorry. I know a lot of people out there who have great plans, futures and ideas but can't carry them out because of one challenge or the other. Stop giving excuses about why you can't achieve greatness, stop pretending. Some great number of people out there are wishing to be in our shoes just for a day or for a while at least and we are here wasting our opportunities, destinies, greatness and so on.
We should be grateful for being alive today and always and always keep in mind that there are others wishing to be in our positions or less. I know hustle or working or achieving greatness isn't something one does in a day or something that is easy as it sounds but even at that, we should try our best to be happy to achieve greatness, nobody is a looser, we are all winners, we shouldn't just hustle and work everyday of our lives with the thought that we just have to do it for doing sake or something but we should take it as I'm happy today for having the grace to give life my best. If you appreciate life just as much as you appreciate things you love, trust me, you'll succeed and you would understand many more things than you do right now.
It's not just by default that we are alive and can do what we want, it's a very rare privilege given to us which must not in any way be wasted or be in vain. Appreciate life, be grateful for the privileges which we all have been given and we'll see changes. Things would get easier. Things would get better and you'll prosper. Let's get up and feel good about life.
Let's also encourage others as I've encouraged you to be grateful, happy and appreciate the privileges which we are all giving to the things we want. Thank you.

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