Cheerfulness and Hopefulness

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Instead of being discouraged or negative today, I am determined to put on a cheerful, hopeful attitude. Instead of being gloomy, I choose to live on the sunny side of life. I can do this because I am God's child and He promises to work everything out for my good. I am never without hope because He is on my side. When negative thoughts or situations present themselves, I will search instead for the positive aspects and focus on them. Because God's word says that a merry heart does good like a medicine, I choose to stand on His promise and seek the good and positive things in life knowing He will bless my efforts.

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thank you for this reminder. Sometimes it appeares to be not easy to stay afloat. especially when you see things happening in this world. I hope that all this injustice today lead humanity in general towards a more understanding and compassionate future.

Well, I wish you the very best :)


Thank you for dropping by. I wish you the best also.