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Hello friends,this is the story of a girl called Cleo.

I think you might know someone like her too


  • She had the dream of becoming a model.

  • She was going to move to L.A to pursue this goal seriously.

  • She took care of herself,above all she took care of her body well.

  • She had so many followers on instagram who loved her too.
    Within a minute of her posting a picture, there would be hundreds and hundreds of comments.

All telling her how beautiful she was, how good she looked,comment after comment and like after like.

Wow she was a real entertainer, always making everyone laugh.

Every single guy wanted her number but she kept to herself. Having this obvious infectious energy.

Cleo got along with everyone and was always the life of the party.

She was never seen in the same outfit twice

Boxes and boxes of Amazon prime oh she had.

On instagram she was the perfect girl with the perfect life.
The perfect world with the perfect guys.

But nothing was perfect right?

It seemed she was always having the best time with her friends.

Always traveling and had new experiences and great stories to share.

Until people stated to notice.

She had lived like someone who had two lives.

No one really knew her inside.

  • She had everyone to text but no one to talk to
  • Everyone to follow but no one to walk with.
  • when the phone was up, her world was on stage.
  • When it was down, her reality came.
    She had an invite to every occasion and event but still felt lonely.
    She had all her friends in the world,but still felt
    no one really knows me.

Cleo was going through pain but never showed that side.

It was something she hid from the world, maybe we just never asked.

  • she had masked her sadness with what really looked like the ideal life.

Always flying high in the air,but felt low inside.

Her inbox was full but she felt empty within.
She was happy on the outside yet struggling with depression and anxiety.

she had an addiction that everyone called a lifestyle

Cleo was struggling with mental health.
But people were just occupied by her physical appearance.


  • People think depression is sadness.
  • People think depression is crying.
  • People think depression is being quiet.

Depression is when we smile but we want to cry😢 😢.
It's when we talk but we want to be quiet.
It's when we pretend like we're happy but we are not.
Depression is not always obvious.


She was sick of crying,tired of trying,smiling but inside she was dying.
it's amazing how we think we know someone, and still don't know them at all.
I don't think we understand how stressful it is to explain what's going on in your head when you don't even understand yourself.

We use filters to lighten our photos while we carry the heavy weight of stress.
Remember it's okay to carry highlight reels,but make sure someone knows how you really feel.

It's okay to use face time, but make sure you spend quality time face to face.

it's okay to have followers but make sure you have true friends.

Don't live for the approval of others.
Document the moments you're most in love with yourself.
Not just the moments you think people will love the most.

  • When someone doesn't post for a few days, we ask if they are okay, but when someone post everyday we assume they are okay.

Tell people you love them.

  • Be a trustworthy friend.
  • Tell them that they matter.
  • Tell them that they survived a lot and they're ready to thrive now.

People who care will ask how you are doing

People who love you will wait till you tell the truth.

And that's why Robin Williams said, I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone.


the worst thing in life is to end up with people who would make you feel alone.

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