This is me, and this is my lack

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Hello Steemians

Give up short term pleasure for long term rewards

This is me, and this is my lack. words like that might get bored if we mention it to our girlfriends. but without us knowing, it turns out these words can symbolize how humble and appreciate us. in that word actually has enough meaning to arouse. the meaning is.

This is what I am, myself without wanting to be overdone, superior, proud, and arrogant. while the goal is to make us as people who hear, can accept, love, love, and even understand what we should be aware of. this is me, and this is my lack.

This is me, and this is my lack. I'm weak, I'm helpless, and I have nothing! but I have a love that strengthens me, I have a love that awakens me, and I have you who encourages me. motivation in us is not for others, but for ourselves.

In other words, never be ashamed to say "this is me, and this is my lack" to the people we love. because with that they will learn to understand, love, love, and understand us far from our shortcomings, not from our strengths. Greeting.

Don't Delay Happiness


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