A confusing question of Atheism

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Hi all friend, how are you all ..?

Here I will tell the story of an Atheist who asks 3 questions that almost make everyone silent. Before that, I want to explain the definition of Atheism even though many already know


Atheism is a philosophical outlook that does not believe in the existence of god/rejects belief in the Godhead. In the 18th century a man named Baron d'Holbach first acknowledged himself as an atheist, he painted this universe in determinism, meteorism of philosophy and atheism in the book entitled system De Nature

The term atheism comes from Greek (a'theos). This word is used to anyone whose belief is contrary to religion, with the spread of free thinking, scientific skepticism, and criticism of a religion, the term noble atheism is specified for those who do not believe in existence God

Many atheists are skeptical of the existence of paranormal phenomena because they argue for lack of empirical evidence. Others provide arguments on a philosophical, social or historical basis

Here are 3 questions asked by an eteis when entering a mosque and the answers given to him must be logical because he does not want the answers that already exist in the book of the Koran, he said the answers in the scriptures only to those who believe of the many human beings
questions asked by him

  1. Who created the god ..?
    Is not everything that exists in the world exists because someone created it, how could God exist if no one created it

  2. How humans can eat and drink without a bowel movement ..?
    Is not that the promise of god in heaven ...?

  3. Allah says the demon was created from fire, then how did Allah torture him in hell .. ??
    Is not that hell also created from fire .. ??


Everyone fell silent, then came a young man and answered one by one from the atheist question, the answer given was very much in line with what the atheist requested, the reason and turned the question

  1. Do you know, 1 comes from what number ... ??
    As a number 1 + 1 = 2 or number 2 + 1 = 3
    As you already know that the number 1 is a single number that can create another number, then why is it that your mind is hard to understand that God is a single,
    At that time the atheist began to pause and embarrassed because he could not answer where one came from, then the Muslim youth proceed to the next answer
  2. You know that the baby in his mother's abdomen is alive, eating and drinking. If we eat and drink while in our mother's abdomen, then how do we dispose of water ..?

If you believe that when you are in the mother's abdomen, we eat, drink and do not waste water in it, then what is your difficulty to believe that in heaven we will eat, drink and not go to the toilet
Eteis was silenced again with the second answer, and for the last answer (3) Muslim youth slapped atheists very hard, the atheist began to get very angry because he thought he was slapped without cause and scolded the youth, the young man wisely replied
"My hand is created from the soil that has been coated with the skin, so also your cheeks are also created from the ground, then if both are clashing together the same is created from the ground. Why do you feel pain when I slap ... ??
So it is with the Devil, he will also burn when put into hell ..

I think in his story above you will get motivation/science that is useful when you understand it and I hope you criticize the errors above by way of commenting this under

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Yaya,semoga meunan nah

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