mother hood

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DALTON 2.jpg

Being a mommy .. scary but rather breathtaking..

Well mind blowing much...thinking what and how.. How do I tell my mom, friends and familly about this?, well I got it over with and just let it all out on a big plate one night at supper..

Scared and shakery I was.. but, there I was surrounded by the people I love most and my sentence came 'I am pregnant'.

Shocked my mother in law looked at me.. with anger in her eyes.. knowing that her own daughter was pregnant at the same time.. Made me feel worthless..

But I was strong.. Going throught the first weeks of pregnancy I was all worried about what people would say behind my back and so on.. but as the time went on I started realizing, this is my life and not their' what if people don't like the way you dress or the way you do things.. you matter and not them..

So as time went on my tummy started to grow, I started getting a feeling that felt like butterflies in my tummy..but rather later only noticed its my beautifull baby starting to move inside me..
Time went on and I reachedmy due date that was on the 27th of December 2015..

I was in labour for 36 hours once baby decided to come via c-section.. But the most ugliest baby I said..But the night When I first held him in my arms I couldn't help but tell every one how beautifull my baby is..

We went home he grew up into a little rebel of a toddler and is at the age of a year and a half.. So busy ..

I cant imagine a day without this little mischief in my life..

The days you come home from work ,when you feel bummed or heartbroken in any way .. You just look into his face and every little mistake or trouble you went through just go lie's aside..

my toddler.. has changed my life in so many ways I can't even explain..

this weekend we were spending our last time at the sea, When I actually realised how much my baby has grown up.. He climbs of the bed, takes the marshmallows out of the bag and goes straight to the chips and brings them to me.. Now how can you capture a moment like that on a video :(

rather sweet but memories will last for ever..

every morning when he watches his faveroute nursery rhymes and dances like a little fatty make my heart just glow..

Being a parent is such a blessing <3


awww so cute God bless you :)

Naww Thank you so much xx

awsome foto of Dalton ;-)

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