Mum Blog : 6 weeks to go

in motherhood •  2 months ago 


Ok so it's closer to 5 weeks than 6.

A week and a half to go til the baby shower and 5 weeks to pop time! Yep were almost there thus the lack of blogs lately.

We're doubling down and getting as much as we can done now hoping that I can just sit back and chill for the last two weeks.


Aside from getting all my gear together 👇


Getting baby shower ready 👇


I'm also nesting double time.

Last post I got to washing bub's clothes. I've since organised everything. It was good to know how many of what sizes she's got. I know they grow very quickly but still, being mountain dwellers means the closest 24 hour Kmart is a fair way away and it pays to be organised up here.


I've got newborn nappies and swaddles sorted, even got baby wipes coming tomorrow.

The cot, that she wont be using for a while, is set up. With one quilt set freshly washed ~ even the mattress protector has been washed.



Then there's the garden...

We finally got cracking on to the garden. A bit late but at least it's done now.

The best surprises came in form of my ranunculus and lilies which (mostly) came back this year.

Last year 👇

Everything was looking a bit "how ya going" but a few days of hard work and I think it's looking much, much better.

Before 👇

After 👇

I moved the ranunculus and planted succulents over by the fence side which gets a decent amount of sun in the morning and shade in the late afternoon. That should stop the ranunculus from dying and drying out.

I also sprinkled a lot of flower seeds in there hoping they would take and grow 🤞. We'll find out in a few weeks!


That's pretty much what I've been up to.

Every day has been busy and tiring and I honestly think I should slow down soon but I keep thinking just a little bit more and I'll be all set and can finally relax.

Definitely want everything to be done by my birthday which is just 2 days after the baby shower. That's my designated cut off date. After that I want everything to be done and dusted and all I need to do is relax and wait for bub to come.

Another week and a half of hard work and I reckon that should do it!

Of course there's room for one more DIY... Have I mentioned we're repurposing some chairs?


What can I say? The fun never stops out here ☺️



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Isn’t someone else supposed to be throwing you a shower?

You are always sooooo productive! You are lucky to be going into spring! So excited I will get to soak in some of that in November too. 😍 🇦🇺

Good luck getting to the part where you just sit on yer booty!

Yeh that's what I heard! The MIL offered but she's done so much for us already shes on credit for the next few years and we dont really have people up here, everyone is down the mountain and I want what I want so you know... DIY 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So happy to be going into spring tbh not that winter was terrible but I'm keen for the flowers and getting the veggie garden back on track.

Wish we could catch up while you're out here 😪 but I hope you have a great time and make it out to Adelaide!

Adelaide! 🤣😂 I’ll be lucky to make it as far out of Canberra as Narooma! 😉

Good luck girl - you have everything ready! Can’t wait for your report when baby comes along and the sleepless nights 😅😅

Thanks hun!! I'm as ready as can be I suppose. Them sleepless nights.... 😭😭... I think I'll stat in bed today lol get some sleep, peace and quiet while I can 😉

Yeh make sure you don’t keep going with that just a bit more and then baby pops and you didn’t do any relaxing 🤣

That lame and cactus in the cot is the cutest! Garden is looking nice too 😄

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Ikr. I need to stick to my schedule and make sure I chill for the last 3 weeks. I imagine it's the last bit of me time I'll be getting for a long time. Plenty of time to work and do stuff later I'm sure.

I'll let hubby know you like his cot set. That's his pick ;) he's nesting too 😆

Depends on what the "stuff" is you're intending on doing "later".

When I was in high school I lived with my uncle, aunty and cousins who generously offered to take me in for two years so my parents wouldn't have to sell up and move the entire family. My uncle angrily assured me and my year older cousin that right now we absolutely had to study our arses off and we would have "plenty of time" for partying and fun "later".

Then the following year when my cousin went to uni and I was in my final year we were angrily told that we had to study our arses off in uni and we would have "plenty of time" for partying and fun "later".

We figured out on our own that when we finally moved out into the workforce we would really need to work and prove ourselves and get promotions for more money and there would be "plenty of time" "later". When you're retired and while you can sure as hell have fun then you might not be able to do a lot of the things you wanted to do when you were 20 and at that point we were like yeh bugger that XD

Similarly but not the same when my kids were tiny I was anxiously assured by the outlaws and other people that I needed to focus 100% (okay they didn't quite say that but the insinuation was strong in this one XD) on the baby and there would be "plenty of time later" to do my own thing whenever I had the gall to do something that wasn't housework or baby-related. I'm not sure how much "later" I'll have to wait but given how long my project is taking I'm basically never going to get even the bit I'm working on done before I'm dead never mind the rest of it now because I ran out of "later" at least five years ago XD

If you're doing more normal things like a normal person (and not a crazy person like me) then all is well :)

Jeez girl, you have been busy. All I've done is sit at my computer and looks at flights and mini storage prices!

Ohhh that sounds like a more exciting sort of busy! Hope you've got all your flights and storage and accommodation sorted! Looking forward to travelling vicariously through you Choo!

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