The text just spells the mind…

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The text just spells the mind…


When I am old, I hope you understand me and be patient with my behavior...

Suppose, if I suddenly break the eating plate or waste the soup on the table, I'll lose sight of the eye. Hopefully, you will not shout. And if you speak in a loud voice, then I feel very small, I feel helpless and guilty myself.

When my hearing is coming to an end and I can not hear what you are saying right now, then I should not say 'deaf.'


Please tell you again or by writing.

I am sorry dad I'm getting older, my legs are getting weak. I want to think, your patience will help me stand up. The way I was with you, when you were learning to walk in your childhood.

Listen to me, when I tell you something helplessly ... If my voice like a broken recorder, do not be upset when you hear me.

Do you remember You wanted a balloon near me to be small. Tell me that repeatedly until I get it. Always ask, 'When will when, when will ...'

Please do not force me to shower. My body is too weak. Older people in the cold become very sick quickly. When you were young ... I had to run behind you.
Because, you do not want to take a shower.

During your lazy time, I hope you will talk to me for a while. I am always lonely and do not get people to talk. Know that you are busy, do not enjoy the work or my words and stories, but keep some time for me. Do you remember When I was young, I heard your teddy bear story.

When my death comes, will you hold my hand? That will give me courage.

Do not worry, when I see my Creator after death, I must say in his ears, I will tell you kindness, be kind to you ...

Because, you loved your parents.

It will always be good.