Being a mother an wife is hard..

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Being a mommy is one of the hardest jobs in the world, How many times have you heard that one?

But you know what is harder? Being a wife,that is the hardest job in the world...

Some might think that becoming a wife and mother are the most rewarding days/moments spent in ones life , and most of that is true, but what about the other days where its just damn hard!?

Here I sit after a horrendous morning with my toddler,where all he could do is whine and cry,and all I can help but do is do the same because this isn't just a day thing,this is a new pattern or phase im hoping...

Its a tought place to be in because thats when I have the internal battle of feeling like a terrible  mom and not accepting his ways of coping or learning how to deal with stuff.

Its hard to try and be better when you feel so small,overtired and defeated..

Its hard to look after someone you thought you would never want to leave,when all you want to do is actually leaving..

Its just plain hard to be a mother.

but in the same sentence its also hard being a wife too.

Now to get to your partner..its hard for him to understand,dont get me wrong they work hard toojust not in the same way that you do..But they wont ever argue with you cause they know that a women is always right..or that is the kind of mindset men have..

And although I realize that yes today is a hard day and it will pass ,not neccesarly as fasr as you need it to..

sometimes you just need to admit that it wopnt always be sunshine and rainbows every day,but tomorrow will come and be better.

Maybe I will be stronger,maybe I will build up more patience and compasion or even maybe I WONT ..

but admitting that hard work sometimes causes things to happen that you didn't want to is OK too,and it just needs time and help to fix it.

Its time for me to move through it and recognizing that it will make you stronger because that is what hard things do..

Thanks for reading guys..

lol I am new at steemit hope you liked it :)  

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