Mother- Unconditional Love till her last breath

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Mother- An Unconditional Love.
Nothing in this world can compare with the love of our mother. She only believe in only Giving to their kids. First word a child speaks is Mom..Maa A mother is the first love, First Teacher and first friend for her Kids. Mother Never considers her own happiness in front of her kids.
The Love of mother shapes culture and though process of her child. She teach her child about how to talk, walk and Smile. Mother is the hub of Sacrifices. They sacrifice their own happiness after giving birth to a baby. She is an emotional backbone of the family. But if the problems occurs in the family then she becomes the strongest person of the family.
She is a person who do work for free. Many people are craving to have a mother's love. We should be thankful to god that we have a mother who is always with us. A mother feeds her own blood to her children in womb. She is the perfect substitute of God on earth. From the time of our birth to our death, we come across with many relationships. Some deceive us, some are for short period but Mother is always for us.
Every mother should be given due respect. We shouldn't leave them in their old times. No one can repay the debt of Mother's Love. We must try our utmost to never let her down. A mother acts like a blanket which keeps us Warm and save us from various difficulties. She keeps aside all her sorrow and lives for her child.
Describing a mother's love is virtually impossible. Its a only feeling and only one who experienced can understand. I can assure you guys that mother's love is priceless. Keep loving and do take care of your Mother.

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Mother- My mother's love for me is infinite, there is no end to love


True Bro...Mother do every possible efforts for betterment of her kids

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