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Good day, Today I'd like to thank steemits that gives me the privilege to discuss this great opportunity with everyone and VIVA Network whose goal is to help find a lasting solutions to the important part of the world economy.

VIVA is a transformative financial technology that introduces globally scalable mortgage solution, its peer to peer mortgage financing ecosystem connects mortgage borrowers with global investors within a borderless, blockchain-secured cloud platform.

VIVA’s innovative technology uses Ethereum Smart Contracts to commence and examine private mortgages in Fractionized Mortgage Shares (FMS) which as act an Internal Tokenized Mortgage Bonds exchange that introduces liquidity, diversification and assurance to private mortgage investing for the first time.

VIVA Mortgage Platform as a troop finance platform allow users to originate their mortgage capital requirement by connecting them with thousands of lenders from all around the globe which completely eliminates the need to depend on monetary arbitrators and other expensive middlemen to get mortgage.

VIVA Mortgage Platform has been used to solve several cases which include:

Case I (mortgage seeker) where an approaching homeowner in Sao Paulo seek a mortgage for her dream home and returns to the VIVA network because local banks charged over 10% interest in their mortgages.

Case II (Private/Institutional investors) where an intelligent hedge fund manager in the United State invested 5% of her portfolio in foreign private mortgage on the VIVA investor to market place because of the benefits accredited to VIVA platform users.

Case III (Mortgage Arbitrage) where an investor from Sweden takes a $1 million lien on the house she is living in and pays 2% interest to the bank whilst investing the money in FMS through VIVA network, she now owns a diversified portfolio of safe mortgage.

There are other value prepositions available for both home buyers and investors, for home buyers, VIVA provides lower mortgage rate, access to foreign capital, fast, easy and transparent, hybrid and user sociable platform, while investors include profitability, safety and assurance, liquidity and complete transparency.

VIVA is financial inclusion i.e. a commercial structure where entities and businesses possess rights to beneficial and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs and this include transactions, payment savings, credits and insurance delivered in a responsible and sustainable manner.

VIVA wishes to modernize the outdated mortgage lending industry by eliminating the middlemen and decentralized the process, thereby applying a major, easy to get to and apparent methodology to financing.

Today, you can join the global community of contributors and get VIVA tokens by visiting the website: https://www.vivanetwork.org

I will take you through the process of the crowd fundraising:

Total Token Supply: 4 billion
Ticker: VIVA
Type: ERC-20
Token sale: 3 billion available for sale only
Team: 7.5% (300 million)
Advisors: 3.75% (150 million)
Marketing: 3.75% (150 million)
Reserve: 10% (400 million)

VIVA ICO Results.png
The process of the fund raise range stages to stages with maximum bonus at every levels as follows:

Private Sale Round 1: 40% Bonus
Private Round 2 sale: 35% Bonus
Pre-Sales: 30% Bonus
Main Sales Round 1: 25% Bonus
Main Sales Round 2: 15% Bonus
Main Sales Round 3: Bonuses based on contribution size, as described below:
5% discount for contributions between 0.9–1.9 ETH
10% discount for contributions between 1.9–2.9 ETH
15% discount for contributions between 2.7-7 ETH

For more information you can check any of the following medium to get more about the VIVA project and participate in the fundraising.

Webpage: https://www.vivanetwork.org
Whitepaper: https://www.vivanetwork.org/public/lib/whitepaper.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3430485.0
Telegram: http://t.me/Wearethevivanetwork
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VivaNetworkOfficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheVivaNetwork
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheVivaNetwork/
Github: https://github.com/viva-network/viva-tge
Medium: https://medium.com/@VivaNetwork

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