Eid al-Adha Welcome to happiness 🎈

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Every year Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha, the most important religious festival where joy and joy are everywhere.


before the Eid:

Although the occasion is religious, it is accompanied by many celebratory festivities in all parts of the world.
Muslim families buy Eid sacrifice, it can be sheep, goat or calf ...
Also spreading happiness among children, we buy them games, clothes and sweets where markets and shops are filled.


Days of Eid:

**Muslims help each other and provide subsidies to poor people
On the morning of Eid, everyone goes to the MOSSALLA to perform the Eid prayer. When they return, the Eid sacrifice is slaughtered

**In the evening everyone glitters with beautiful clothes and scents to visit family, friends and neighbors.
**family aid.jpg

May Allah accept your offerings.


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عيد مبارك يا اخي
اخوك ايهاب من جدة

عيدكم ابرك اخي, انا رشيد من المغرب لقد قمت بمتابعة لنبقى على تواصل 👍

تشرفنا اخي رشيد , مرحبا بك اخي

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