Morning Drunkenness

in morning •  13 days ago

I didn't know there was a morning break. A little colorful, early morning of a morning settled in a coolness reminiscent of metal ... I expected, the chaos of the morning I prepared myself, rather empty streets, streets, silence. The scents of poor quality dishes spread out, banal, shiny neon eyes sinking in my eyes and the bangar buzz is not yet opened even the shutters of the buffets playing the middle ages. So it's a wonderful and unexpected morning.


I easily found a bus. Underneath they appear to be moving randomly, collectively, people who are focused on going somewhere without sound make it look like they fit into a secret deal.

As he approached the pier, the sympathetic gaze of the plump stray dog ​​trying to decide who to ask for the mama is done, so please don't notice the people who should wait. Those who carry the card are going to the turnstile with the steps of being relaxed and confident with this realization.


Bright orange sun orange illuminated seagull in the sea, a quiet journey. The ferry exit is a crowd of soldiers marching in the same direction without a single word, just like the troops' troops moving silently to the ranks. Everyone is so quiet, serious, serial. We're going to our holy purposes, fast speed. I feel like I'm in a big game, I can't stop myself from smiling

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