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The other day I talked to a couple that has been my friends for many, many years. They are sweet, good-hearted, crazy. We were at a vernissage and they were slightly intoxicated. That fact doesn't mean I took it any different when they told me that they had talked about that I ought to become a Wizard. They could easily have told me that had they been sober.

I am not exactly sure what a wizard do, but images of Alexander laVey, naked women, Hammond organs, daggers, skulls redwine, Kodachrome and candles filled my head. Not bad really. Only drawback was that they said that I had the get back on Facebook. Wizards are where the people are, which I could see was true. They wanted me to be more like Aleister Crowley, Lavey was just a showman. I argued that I was also just a showman, a sad prostitute, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage. But they just told me that those days had to be over now. No more wasting my time and charisma and intellect.

Somehow they are probably right. You should gather people around you that you like and who you can influence and then let the rest of the world join later. I haven't really had time to think it over. I am a natural sceptic so demon lore has a hard time under my doubting gaze. But I did think I might start by making a tarot set. It is after all a kind of visual work. So... I started reading and that is complicated stuff. I know a little about it as my brother got the Rider Waite deck as a Christmas present once. He then started making his own version based on them because that is what he does, makes things. You can see two of them here: Tarot Major Arcana handpainted cards...Part IX (yes, @evilhippie is my brother as revealed earlier this year.) I can see that @reinhard-schmid also commented... I am not sure anybody wanted him to be a wizard, but he has made a very cool tarot deck!

My only question is: what deck should I base it on?

The Rider Waite? the Thoth deck by the actual Wyzard, Aleister Crowley? or should I just be crackpotting my own version? The last one sounds the most Wizardly, but on the other hand it might be useless to other people... just like my art by the way.

Any thoughts? (I am looking at @tarotbyfergus with a fierce wizardly stare.)

The Thoth deck - by Alister Crowley

The Rider Waite deck - I suppose it is made by Rider and Waite.

From @reinhard-schmid's deck - go check his profile and upvote him on a regular basais. He's a great artist!

From @evilhippie's deck, go to his profile to and get intense entertainment.

My friend @shortcut has started to write some posts every morning - #morgenseiten he calls it - morning-pages. Here is his explanation of the project:

It goes like this: you shall each morning write from the soul, anything going through your head.

He writes a lot more, but this is the essence :) (Read his first morgenseiten post here)

I have decided to try the same. I write from the top of my head every morning or late morning if I have been sleeping late. I only correct typos and make a headline afterwards. Else everything is left as written. Expect some of it to sound like stage directions.

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John Bauer made a tarot deck, which is among the most beautiful in my opinion, and it fits well with being a "troldmand" since some of his most famous images are with trolls in them. HR Giger also made a deck which is worth a look.


I like Bauer very much, and Giger also is interesting!

My daughter recently asked me to buy her some Tarot cards. I explained that when I was 17 I would likely have been able to interpret them but not anymore. I also showed her @tarotbyfergus's blog.

I dont think she will pursue the cards, but who knows. At 14 it's something different everyday.


Was this the same girl who wanted vinyls?


Yes, the very same!


Seems we are both blessed with nerdy daughters.

Thank you so very much for mentioning my deck in this context, I feel very honored.
Maybe the best way would be to get a feeling for the cards, based on different systems and then paint your very own from your intuition. I would love to see a "Phill from GCHQ" tarot for instance ;-)


Actually, it would have been strange if i hadn't mentioned you. And thanks for the advice I think you are right that the interpretation should be intuitive. It seems to me that the complexity of the many symbols actually gives room for that instead of standing in the way. At first i just saw the system, but after having seen the latest deck presented by @tarotbyfergus I somehow saw that there is something fluid in the tarot. Also the fact that they were originally playing cards.

OH I like wizards. I prefer warlocks, but that's just me ;) Why not make a new kind of tarot deck, maybe base it on Old maid or something, that would be creepy and quirky.
Good luck on your path to wizardry.


It might have been warlock they meant, I never really was aware of what the difference are between all the English words for a magician.

The word they used was: Troldmand - litterally troll+man - magic is called trolderi - trolling and it all comes from troll of course.

Maybe I would end up in crackpoptting my own crackpoddery - better to be original - I would hate to be a wannabe-wizard.


I was mostly joking. Warlock is just the generic term for a 'male witch'.

Yes, wizards hate wannabees ;)