Friday night Mordhau with @krystle

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It's that time again, wanna join us on a medieval stabbing spree ?

In case you see this post after we finish - here's some clips from earlier this week :)

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Playing Vidya with the Mrs and livestreaming it, and not just Mario kart or that stuff but real games haha, relationship goals right there.

I haven't been on a medieval stabbing spree since the 60's... ah the memories!

dude dont hate urself and DV! life is good!

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感谢对@cnfund 及本活动的支持!

I've got this one but I'm really shit. Look out for half_brik, that's my bro.

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I will definitely join you guys 💯

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Wow. It's so long hahaha. My Friend. 1:24:46. I love it though. How do I start playing this , Because the way I looked at it, it will be very complex.☹️☹️

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