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RE: Psychopathic Shit That Humans Do Without Thinking - # 1 : Fishing

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Fishing for sport may seem pointless and brutal and I can see where you are coming from. Harvesting seafood is one of mans earliest activities. Humans have loss their connection to their food as it has become unneccessary to survival. What have we lost in the process? I believe that when people go sport fishing it is their way of connecting with nature while still maintaining their modern perspective. Many sportfisherman believe that they are avoiding cruelty by catch and release. I harvest fish, shellfish, and crustaceans daily and it is the one thing that keeps me dialed into the pulse of nature in this distracting world.


Well as long as you are dialed in, who cares about the plight of the living beings that you are terrorizing? Your need to feel comfortable is far more important than theirs- so I totally understand.

I harvest fish and shellfish as a means of a living wage, to support my community, and to provide a nutritious protein for humanity. As a hidden incentive I have gained an appreciation for ecology and a deep care for the creatures I take. Everything you eat has a story and I feel the best when I eat the food that I harvest myself! Their is always some sort of "plight" for living creatures or ecology as a result of consuming anything.