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RE: Psychopathic Shit That Humans Do Without Thinking - # 1 : Fishing

in #morality2 years ago

For someone with such a high state of consciousness, you sure do come off like an asshole to your fellow people, unless of course they agree with you. at the end of the day, when the power goes out, the world is hungry, people who know how to hunt and fish and forage will live much longer then you and your plant eating friends. of yeah, how would you feel if you were this cute little carrot, all of the sudden your ripped from the ground by your hair, roots hanging out and all connection you had to mother earth was ripped away. then you get eaten by a psychotic snowflake that thinks you dont feel pain or are to stupid.

Seriously though, you are just as guilty for eating mother earths many offerings as me or anyone else. Get over yourself, your not better then me or anyone else who decides to harvest their own food.

Also, you obviously are not a scientist, biologist or anything that would justify the bullshit you wrote above. do some homework before criticizing large masses of people. or expect some recoil.

Go to youtube, Type in PBS EONS, and learn about plants, im sure you'll be vomiting before you know it.

Thanks to this post, I have made up my mind to start publishing both fishing and hunting content. I was worried about people like you bashing on it, but since this is an immutable blockchain, you simply cannot stop me. just as you cannot hide this comment from the public.

Son of Satire, Please grow up and smell the rosses, or umm I meant...the fish!


It doesn't appear that you read the post as closely as you ought to have.