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Moonsteem gamble app is up and running great , lots of nice options and possibility's .
Don't ask me , i just sit down getting hypnotised by the running numbers .
Go read the FAQ's :

Or join true my ref link , if you are generous and give me some credit ;-)

It's even possible to invest in the house bankroll and stuff , @moonsteem
And for just giving it a try , upvote @moonsteem post's and comment's for free steemies :-)

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@moonsteem should at least be giving you an up-vote for helping to promote them...???

HEY @MOONSTEEM ... Where the hell are you????

Lol , they are probably doing work's on there server's , and stuff , some problems came up after official launch . Player base dos not grow as fast as they expected and has not enough high rollers . But what did they think when they made this app for low budget ;-)
I managed to gather 12.7 Steem , invested 4 steem in the bankroll and up to now made a 3.9 steem profit . So last week i made more steem as i ever did over the past years .

If you like to give it a try , maybe just to have some hypnotizing movement on your screen just to fill up the blank and empty deluded time one normally sit's down for to just stare , at nothing . I would be honoured when you would do it true my ref link :-)

But be warned , profit's made in the past do not grant profit's now or in any future . ;-)

Well, I'm glad it has worked out for you so far. Maybe I'll sign up just to give you a boost.

With Steem on a little rise , this just started app could be a profitable investment .
As the bank is supposed to win in the long run i thought it to be a nice chance for some profit .
I play low profit just to be on the playlist , the app needs players to grow , it's the invest option i have hopes for in the long run . 1.000.000 steemies is only 0.60 cents or so but loosing one mil feels like loosing a real mil . Damn i get heart attacks over bet's that run up to 0.06 cent's ;-) It's just fun .

For now low risk : bet 50 - auto cash out 9x - on loss 1.2 x bet
With max bet on 3,37 steem , for now , it only needs a playing balance of 4 steem .

Thks again for your time and attention :-)

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