I Bought $5,500 Of MoonRat

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I just want to preface this post with the fact that this is a lot more risky of a play than Dogecoin or other coins in the top 50 on CoinMarketCap.

If you have noticed BNB is holding up decent and so are things like SafeMoon and CAKE. People are rushing onto the Binance Smart Chain to chase yield.


I ended up doing $500 through the Trust Wallet and another $5,000 through MetaMask.

Basically it is like SafeMoon where it is 10% in and 10% out as far as fees but some of it you get rained on with new coins and once a week you get a dividend of BNB.

This makes this contract interesting because with SafeMoon you would have to sell out and take the penalty and then convert. This incentivizes people holding longer with a liquid distribution.

The bad thing is there is a lot of slippage on entry and exit and you are going to lose 20% total between entry and exit.

Again this is a risky degenerate play but I doubled up on SafeMoon but if I would have rode it out it would have been 20X

Here is a good video by CryptoSlo

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