The Steemit Monthly Author Challenge. 06/14/2018 (First match of the World Cup)

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Greetings friends of steemit and active users in the challenge of the monthly author of Steemit. created by @future24, in which you have to publish a photograph that reflects an aspect of your daily life for a month. This interesting challenge allows us to share a small sample of the things we like.

People were eager to see the first game of the 2018 World Cup, I was one of those people, I did all my homework early to see the game relaxed, I saw the game in the house of a friend who lives steps from my house, After 35 minutes of the game, I decided to take a picture, send the picture to the rest of my friends and decided to share it with the Steemit community.


The person responsible for this exciting challenge is the user @future24.

If you want to join this fun challenge, you can enter the following link HERE

Thanks for your visit, see you soon. @nicomax

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