Yeah, what a nice breakfast on friday: Self backed crossaints with Nutella! 🙌 (Steemit Monthly Author Challenge #2 by @future24 - Day 12)

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Hi Steemians, today I have baked the nice ready to bake crossaints by "Knack & Back" and I always love these fast to bake breads. Have a nice day and a great weekend everyone!

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Rules of the Steemit Monthly Author Challenge:

  • Post 1 article with a photo of your life every day for one month and use the tag #monthlyauthorchallenge for this posts.

  • You don´t have to add a detailed describtion to your photo article and it can be a quick photo post with Steepshot for example too. (But don´t forget the #monthlyauthorchallenge tag!)

  • The photo of your life don´t has to be up-to-date, but not older than 1 year, or you can also choose a photo of your childhood.

  • To make it more comfortable for everyone, you don´t have to nominate someone for the challenge every day in your daily post. Nominating is voluntary, but to share this fun, I would suggest to nominate some other Steemians from time to time, so that you can do this funny challenge together.

  • Your challenge ends when you reached the Monthy Author badget on and then just make a final post that you finished the challenge. Info: The period for the Monthly Author Badget is always from the first of a calendar month until the last day of this month. 👌

That´s it, just have fun and if you like, share this challenge too and let´s become Monthly Authors everyone - Steem On!

Here you can find my start article of this challenge with more information: ✨ Steemit Challenge Idea: The Monthly Author Badget Challenge! ✨

I don´t want to nominate a single person, because everyone is invited to join this challenge - Just have fun guys! If you haven´t joined so far and you want to achieve the Monthly Author Badget too, just start with the #monthlyauthorchallenge at the first day of a new month.

Some people who already accepted the Monthly Author Challenge too:

@lex030 (restarting in february)
And more!

Steemit Monthly Author Challenge

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24

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Badgets by - Thanks to @arcange!

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Yummy!!!! :D

Release the Kraken! You got a 44.43% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @future24!

That looks good. Now I'm feeling hungry myself, time for dinner I guess. Have a nice day.


Have a nice dinner and a great day @riovanes!

my friend looks all delicious :)
Successful study !! :))
but watch out for these constantly weight gain: D
send us some of them, we are clear! :D


Haha yes, thanks @artizm! 😁

Sieht sehr lecker aus, könnte von mir sein, genau mein Geschmack :-)


Ja das war wirklich lecker, danke dir @mikenero!

Great baking skills at your disposal. Congratulations @future24

lovely dear @future24 Enjoy Resteemed


Thank you very much @sehrishfatima!

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You are a good cook along good photographer

Nutella? Yuck! Give me a nice pot of thick cut marmalade any day! 😁


Yes and is still the Nutella with the old recipe! 😁

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Hi I'd love to do the challenge, looks super fun. Do I need someone to volenteer me or can I just start?

Good morning brother....this food is very delecious... have a nice day by taking breakfast....thaks brother for sharing...


Good morning @hhumaira!

> Tasteful. I have a question about how long our competition lasts, and then I already have the 30th day ... what should I do? Good luck to you and Good.

Вкуснотище. У меня вопрос, сколько длится наш конкурс, а то у меня уже 30-й день…что делать? Удачи Вам и Добра.

One of my favorites is one. Thanks @ future24