📸 Steemit Monthly Author Challenge by @future24, April 2018 - Day 27: The Anacondas and me!

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Hi Steemians & blog readers,

today I had a chilled Steemit meetup with @lex030, @tolgi65 & @vibes23 and now I also have the photos I mentioned in my post "📸 Steemit M.A.C. by @future24, April 2018 - Day 21: Traditional Thai Chang Beer!", which I want to present you as my next daily post for the #monthlyauthorchallenge here!

The photos of me together with this big Anaconda and a baby Anaconda on my head were taken by @lex030 at the Crocodile Farm on Ko Samui island during our holidays in Thailand together with @kathybell & @jenja in February/March 2018:



PS: New post on the @steemit-mac account with news about the prize pool distribution for April 2018: 💡 Quick information about Reward Distribution for April 2018 + Prize Pool Raising Post!

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Rules of the Steemit Monthly Author Badget Challenge:

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  • The photo of your life don´t has to be up-to-date, but not older than 1 year, or you can also choose a photo of your childhood.

  • To make it more comfortable for everyone, you don´t have to nominate someone for the challenge every day in your daily post. Nominating is voluntary, but to share this fun, I would suggest to nominate some other Steemians from time to time, so that you can do this funny challenge together.

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That´s it, just have fun and if you like, share this challenge too and let´s become Monthly Authors everyone - Steem On!

Here you can find my start article of this challenge with more information: ✨ Steemit Challenge Idea: The Monthly Author Badget Challenge! ✨

And if you want to learn more about the #monthlyauthorchallenge, visit my article here with the title: "Why "Steemit Monthly Author Challenge" & what value it adds to our community?"

I don´t want to nominate a specific person, because everyone is invited to join this challenge - Just have fun guys! If you haven´t joined so far and you want to achieve the Monthly Author Badget too, just start with the #monthlyauthorchallenge at the first day of a new month.

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Greetings & Steem on everyone!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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Uiuiui das ist cool und gleichzeitig gruselig. Schlangen sind echt nicht meine Tiere. Aber das ist ein cooles Foto! :) 🐍

indeed you are very brave with snakes can wrap around your shoulders ,,, I myself heard about snakes already fog run let alone holding him already surely unconscious ,, I salute with your siblings brotherhood

Hi @future24

Great Post My Friend 👍 I like your original animal pet.

Upvote :)

Wowww you are very brave to play with snakes😅

Sharks and snakes........................dude you are on fire!

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You are very brave if you could take a picture with a snake. I would not have gone a kilometer to her. Good luck to you and Love.

Вы очень смелый, если смогли так сфотографироваться со змеей. Я бы и на километр к ней не подошел бы. Удачи Вам и Любви.

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